Vaccination FAQs

Pet owners across the country want the best for their furry companions. Part of good preventative care is helping make sure your pet gets their vaccines. The veterinary team from Larchmont Animal Clinic serves Hancock Park, Wilshire, and Los Angeles area with comprehensive pet care services, including pet vaccines. Here are some of your most asked questions answered by our professionals. 


What Is The Reason Behind Vaccines? 

Cats and dogs are both susceptible to picking up diseases that can make them extremely ill or even cause death in certain circumstances. A vaccine helps the immune system immediately recognize a virus as an intruder. By exposing your pet to a genetic variant (referred to as a strain), they will have a better reaction to the virus if they contract the real disease. 

What Vaccines Does A Pet Require? 

Pet vaccines should begin shortly after your pet is born, and then they will receive boosters thereafter in the following years to maintain effectiveness. Vaccinations for pets are broken down into "core" and "non-core" vaccines. Core vaccines are agreed by veterinarians to be vital for pets to minimize disease exposure to humans to other pets.  Non-core vaccines are ones that can be given depending on your pet's lifestyle and geographic location. 

 For dogs, the core vaccines they should receive include the following:

  • distemper
  •  canine parvovirus
  • canine hepatitis
  • rabies

For cats, the core vaccines they should receive include the following: 

  • feline distemper
  • feline calicivirus
  • feline herpesvirus
  • rabies

Are There Risks Involved With Pet Vaccinations? 

Our animal hospital prides itself on taking superior care of your pet. Pet vaccines can result have some minor complications such as swelling around the site, mild fever, and some soreness. However, the likelihood of your pet developing a severe reaction to a deadly disease is much higher without a vaccine.

What If My Puppy Or Kitten Misses A Booster? 

The best thing you can do for your pet is to keep them on a regular vaccination schedule. If you miss a vaccine, our vet will then develop an alternative schedule, or your pet will be given multiple vaccinations to get them back on track. Either way, we will make sure your pet is in good hands.

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Larchmont Animal Clinic near Los Angeles can offer veterinary care to your pet. Whether you are welcoming a new furry member to your family or have an older pet, we help with pet vaccines. Please feel free to make an appointment with us today. 

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