Puppy & Kitten Care

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten into your family is very exciting and fun. They bring energy and play and are a source of unceasing affection as they bond with you and your family. To ensure a good, healthy start at life, new pets need a little extra attention! The best way to start their healthy lives is a visit with one of our veterinarians. As soon as you get your new pet schedule an appointment so that we can review their prior medical history and make recommendations for appropriate wellness care.

Your Pet's First Visit

Your initial visits with your new puppy or kitten at Larchmont Animal Clinic are perhaps the most important. In these initial visits, you, your pet and your doctor will meet and begin to form the relationship that lasts throughout the life of your pet. Each treatment plan is custom tailored to your pet’s needs depending on his/her lifestyle.

Some of the issues discussed during your puppy’s first visits include:

• Diet- what to feed and how often
• Housetraining- what to expect and indoor vs outdoor training
• Behavior- why is she crying?
• Grooming- shedding vs non-shedding breeds
• Spaying and neutering-pros and cons of both and what’s best for your dog
• Vaccines- formulation of an individualized vaccine plan
• Pet health insurance- is it worth it?
• Heartworm, flea, and tick prevention
• Microchipping- when and why
• Fecal exams and treatment
• Exercise

Some of the topics covered during your kitten’s first visits include:

• Diet - what’s best for your kitten
• Litter and litter boxes- how many and where to place them
• Behavior- why does he scratch?
• Spaying and neutering- why to do it and when
• Vaccines- what’s best for your kitten and indoor vs outdoor requirements
• Pet health insurance- is it worth it?
• Microchipping- why and when?
• Fecal exam and treatment for worms
• Blood tests- FeLV and FIV testing
• Flea treatment and prevention
• Other FAQ- should my cat go outside?

We allow for plenty of time to go through all of your questions and ideas as well as do a thorough physical exam during these early visits. We offer health care and advice and discuss any other things you may have questions about. This is your new addition to the family and we are happy to meet them!

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