Pet Exams

Pet Exams & Wellness Plans

Much like we do, all pets should have an annual physical exam. Larchmont Animal Clinic offers full physical pet exams for all breeds of dogs and cats. Our Los Angeles vets will check the health of your pet from head to tail, and ensure your pet stays happy and healthy from there on out.

Your Cat / Dog's Physical Exam

Just what is your veterinarian looking at during your pet's exam? Why do we gently push, pull, and poke your cat during a visit? Here’s a breakdown of the major body systems we are checking out and what they’re looking for: (and hoping not to find)

  • Ears: signs of ear infection (pain, tenderness, redness, swelling, “yeasty” smell, and discharge); mites; foxtails
  • Heart: Weak or abnormal heart sounds; an abnormally fast or slow rate; irregular beats and rhythms
  • Abdomen: any irregularities in the margins of the liver, spleen, kidneys, and bladder; masses or tumors; thickened intestines
  • Mouth: signs of periodontal disease in teeth and gums; bad breath
  • Base of Tail: any abscesses; abnormalities in anal glands; fecal mats; evidence of soft stools; growths; parasites, like tapeworm segments and flea dirt
  • Eyes: signs of disease; discharge or tearing; abnormal movement or reaction to light
  • Lungs: wheezing,crackling, or other abnormal lung sounds
  • Legs: limited range of motion in all limbs; signs of pain or discomfort; grinding sound in joints
  • Coat, skin, and nails: poor overall quality of coat; lumps and bumps; rashes; areas of hair loss or excessive dander; matted or saliva-stained fur; fleas or ticks; callouses; overgrown or ingrown toenails; dehydration
  • Lymph nodes and thyroid glands: any irregularities or changes in size

Annual Wellness Exam

Pets age much quicker than humans, averaging about 5 to 7 years for every one person. With that said, it's essential to make yearly physicals with your vet to ensure optimal health for pet. Annual exams help to ensure that health problems are caught and addressed early. Our veterinarians strongly recommend annual vaccinations and annual wellness examinations to ensure that your pet receives the best preventative medicine.

Pet Exams for Adult Dogs and Other Pets

We offer a Senior Wellness Exam Package to enhance your older pet's well being and promote early detection of abnormalities and disease. Our package includes a comprehensive exam, a senior blood and urine test and x-rays.

At Larchmont Animal Clinic, we want to treat each pet as if they were our own. Our pets are part of our family and we know that as responsible pet owners you want to ensure your pets are in the best of health. Many conditions show few obvious symptoms before they can cause major medical problems that may require extensive medical assistance.

Let’s work together to keep your pet in optimum health! With routine annual or bi-annual exams and care, you can help your pet have a happy, health and comfortable life.

For quality pet exams in Los Angeles, call Larchmont Animal Clinic today!

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