Our Los Angeles Pet Services

In your search for a vet clinic in Los Angeles, we believe you expect high quality care as well as great service. Our goal at Larchmont Animal Clinic has been to assemble a pet care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care.

Our commitment to you is to continue to offer our world class service and a state of the art veterinary facility. We offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best, including

Pet Exams and Wellness Plans
Pet Dental Care: Teeth Cleaning and Dental Xrays
Pet Surgery / Surgical Services
Emergency Care
Pet Pharmacy
Nutritional Counseling & Diet
Diagnostic, Radiology and Laboratory Services
Laser Therapy
• Hospitalization
• Spay & Neuter

• Boarding
• Anesthesia

• And more!

Annual Wellness Exam

Our pets age five to seven years for every one of ours, making yearly physicals even more necessary than our own. Our veterinarians strongly recommend annual vaccinations and annual wellness examinations to ensure that your pet receives the best preventative medicine. Annual exams help to ensure that health problems are caught and addressed early.

Senior Wellness Exam Package

We offer a Senior Wellness Exam Package to enhance your older pet's well being and promote early detection of abnormalities and disease. Our package includes a comprehensive exam, a senior blood and urine test and x-rays.


Hospitalized patients are examined daily by our veterinarians who communicate progress to their owner directly. Our technicians ensure your pets safety by monitoring your pet throughout the day. In some cases, owners are encouraged to visit thier hospitalized pet during our visting hours, between 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. This often boosts your pets moral, which may factor into the recovery process.

Diagnostic and Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory and ultrasound equipment allows us to quickly and thoroughly evaluate your pet's health. Our in-house laboratory allows us to have results of many blood test in less than an hour for critically ill or injured pets. For more depth or routine testing, we use an outside laboratory that can often have results to us in 24 hours or less.


Our on site state-of-the-art digital radiology equipment provides high quality x-rays to help our veterinarians evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems.

Surgical Services

Our surgical suite is equipped with the most up to date anesthesia, surgical, and monitoring equipment that allows us to perform many surgical services while ensuring that your pet's safety and comfort. All animals undergoing surgery have their blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels monitored throughout the procedure. Our doctors believe strongly in providing pain management before, during, and after your pet's surgical procedure. Our surgical services include but are not limited to spay/neuter, lacerations/ abcesses, tumor removal, orthopedic (bone) surgery, abdominal surgery, ear/eye surgeries, reproductive, oral/periodontal surgery.


We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety especially for our older or high-risk patients. Using the most modern equipment, the patient's vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures.

Internal Medicine Consults

We offer in-hospital referrals to an internal medicine specialist who performs ultrasounds, endoscopic procedures and helps us with the diagnosis of more complicated cases.

Electrocardiography Services

We provide ECG services on-site as well as consultations with cardiology specialists.


Maintaining good oral health can add years to your pet's life and can make their later years more comfortable and happy. The following are signs and symptoms of poor oral health: persistent bad breath, pawing at mouth, loss of appetite, bleeding/inflammed gums, tartar, loose or missing teeth, and difficutly eating or chewing. Our dental services include oral/dental exam, dental cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatment, dental x-rays, extractions, and fracture repair. During an annual visit, the doctor will examine your pet's mouth for signs of early gum disease and piont out areas of tartar build-up or decay. If you notice any of these warning signs, do not wait for the next annual visit. Call our office and set up the appointment today.


If your pet gets lost how do you find it? Michrochipping has become a popular way to identify your pet should they go missing. Having a microchip greatly increases the chance that a shelter or vet can identify your pet by scanning for a microchip. The microchip is a small chip about the size of a small grain of rice. It is inserted into the scruff of your pet's neck. It contains a unique number which, when registered online, provides a reliable way of identifying the pet without the need for a collar. Microchipping is a simple and harmless procedure.

Laser Therapy

We are excited to offer our clients Companion Laser Therapy. Laser therapy provides non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety of conditions and can be preformed in conjunction with existing treatment protocols. Relief and/or improvement is often noticed within hours depending on the condition and your pet's unique health status. Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing from wounds, or simple aging, your companion can benefit from this innovative approach to treating pain period.


We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, medicated shampoos, flea and tick control products and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of prescription diets.

Dietary Counseling

We will provide guidance regarding your pet's nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance and performance.


We provide feline boarding for our clients. All boarders vaccinations and annual exam must be current and will receive personal attention from our caring staff. Pets may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours Monday through Saturday. Reservation can be made up to three months in advance; holidays and get-away weekends fill quickly. Patients with medical needs will be given preference when space is limited.


We offer grooming services Monday through Saturday. Your pet can be dropped off as early as 8:00 am and picked up after 3:00pm to 6:00pm during the week and after 2pm on Saturday.. Your pet will be kept in a safe, friendly atmosphere and never exposed to unvaccinated animals. To ensure your pet's safety, we require all pets to be vaccinated prior to being admitted for grooming. Because this grooming service is part of our veterinary hospital, you can feel confident that should any medical emergency arise while your pet is with us, he or she will have immediate access to our professional veterinary staff.

Every grooming service includes bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal glad expression. We offer routine, medicated, flea, and oatmeal baths. Dematting, clips, puppy and lion cuts are also avaliable.
We do require appointments for our grooming services.

Emergency Care

We can provide emergency care to a pet during regular hours if the owner signs a release form permitting to do so. Please call our main telephone number for instructions for after-hour emergencies.

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