Senior Pet Care

If you have an elderly cat or dog, you are likely to worry about your pet’s health as he continues to age. If you live in or around Los Angeles, Wilshire, or Hancock Park, schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at Larchmont Animal Clinic for an evaluation of your pet’s medical condition. Our animal hospital provides senior pet care to ensure he lives happily and without discomfort.


Provide Your Pet With Plenty Of Attention

During the elderly years, your pet may become more attached to you than he has in the past. Your pet realizes that you are the one caring for his needs and he may want to show appreciation for the years of care that you have provided. Make sure to spend plenty of time with your pet. Encourage your cat or dog to spend time with you whenever possible. Petting and speaking to your pet will help him to relax, which can aid in keeping any medical conditions from escalating.

Be Aware of Any Behavioral Changes

As a pet ages, it may become harder for him to perform routine tasks. You might notice that your cat or dog does not jump up to higher surfaces without difficulty. He may have trouble bending down to eat or drink for long periods of time. He might avoid exercising because it causes discomfort if he is suffering from arthritis. Any time a behavioral change is seen, it is best to make an appointment with our veterinarian at our animal hospital for an evaluation to see if treatment is needed.

Make Sure To See Our Veterinarian Regularly

During the golden years, our veterinarian may recommend that your pet has more frequent appointments than he had when he was younger. This is because the body is going through several changes at a rapid pace, making it necessary to evaluate the pet often for any potential health risks. During the appointment, our veterinarian will check over your dog or cat from head to tail and provide you with details regarding treatment options if they are necessary.

Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

If you are concerned about your aging pet or if it is time for him to have a check-up, call Larchmont Animal Clinic at (323) 463-4889 to schedule an appointment. We have served the pets of Hancock Park, Wilshire, Los Angeles, and the surrounding area for years. Call us today to learn more about our senior pet care services.

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