Pet Travel

A Veterinarian's Guide to Pet Travel

Nearly two million Los Angeles residents today live with a pet, and it's not uncommon to want or need to travel with your animal family member. Because of the mental and physical dangers that travel can pose to pets, it's important to make sure everything goes smoothly. At Larchmont Animal Clinic in the Wilshire / Hancock Park area, we're here to help with all your vet needs and questions. Read through this guide to learn some useful tips on how to get around smoothly with your pet pal and prevent unwanted visits to the animal hospital.


Traveling By Car

Los Angeles is a driving-oriented city, and you've probably already driven with your pet multiple times. But it's important to ensure it is comfortable and secure. Especially for long trips, pets should not free roam in the vehicle. They are safest when in a crate in a rear passenger seat, preferably with a toy and/or blanket to help them feel comfortable. If you have to stop anywhere, try not to leave your pet in the car, and if you must, do so only for a short period and crack some windows and make sure it has some water. 

Traveling by Bus or Train

On the local Los Angeles public transit, pets are welcome (and free-of-charge) provided they are in a crate or carrier. When it comes to longer trips such as via Greyhound bus or Amtrak, small dogs and cats may be permitted for a fee, though this is not true in every case. Always call ahead to confirm.

Traveling By Plane

In most cases, pets are required to travel via crate in a designated area of the plane's cargo hold. However, some airlines may permit pets on certain flights, albeit with restrictions. Always call ahead to find out what these are, and you may need to schedule a visit with a veterinarian soon. All pets traveling with their owners in the main cabin will have to pass through security as well. 

What About Service Animals?

Trained and certified service animals can be with their owners on public transportation. In most cases, this does not include emotional support animals. It's important to realize that for the safety of your pet and everyone else, it is best to follow transportation and travel rules rather than to try and get around them. Please feel free to ask us about what qualifies as a service animal on your next vet visit.

We Can Help Make Sure Your Pet is Healthy and Calm for Travel

Contact our vet team at Larchmont Animal Clinic in the Greater Wilshire / Hancock Park area to learn more about your pet travel options. We will perform a full checkup at our animal hospital to make sure your animal is healthy enough for travel, and we can also offer treatment options such as pet CBD for pets that suffer from travel-induced anxiety. 


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