Pet Dental FAQs

Cats and dogs require routine pet dental care for optimal health. If your pets need help with dental tasks, or if they are suffering from dental issues, contact us at Larchmont Animal Clinic to meet with our veterinarian. Our vet animal hospital serves those living in the Hancock Park, Wilshire, and Los Angeles areas. Here are some pet dental frequently asked questions to read over so you understand why care of the teeth is so important.


What Happens If Pet Dental Care Is Not Performed?

If you do not provide your cats or dogs with pet dental care, they could fall victim to a variety of medical issues. Inflammation of the gums could lead to pain and discomfort. Failing to clean the teeth leads to the possibility of tooth decay. This, in time, could lead to tooth loss. In addition, pet dental care allows for the inspection of the teeth. This way, any issues are found quickly so treatment can be administered.

How Can a Pet's Teeth Be Cared for at Home?

You can care for your pet's dental hygiene on your own at home between vet visits. Invest in a sturdy pet toothbrush and a meat-flavored toothpaste. Place a bit of the paste on the brush and use it to wipe away bacteria from your pet's teeth. You can also purchase treats made to battle tartar, which builds upon a pet's teeth over time. When you brush your pet's teeth, make an effort to look for areas where broken portions are present. If a tooth is loose, contact our veterinarian for an assessment.

What Will Our Veterinarian Do for Pet Dental Care?

Pet dental care is important to keep on top of throughout the year. It is best to call us to make an appointment for routine visits at least once a year. If your pet suffers from pet dental problems, additional appointments for treatment may be necessary. Our veterinarian will first conduct a full examination of your dog's or cat's overall health. They will then check over your pet's teeth to see if there are any pieces missing or if any are loose and require pulling. Finally, your pet's teeth will be scraped free of tartar and polished.

If your cat or dog is due for a pet dental appointment, or if you need help with your pets' teeth cleaning, give Larchmont Animal Clinic a call. Our animal hospital provides services to those in the Hancock Park, Wilshire, and Los Angeles area. Contact us directly at (323) 463-4889 to find out more about our practice and the many services we have available for cats and dogs in the area. We look forward to assisting with your pets' dental needs.

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