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  We've had six and a half years of bliss with the miss, who never misses, when aiming for our hearts,
  She is the  inaugural cat in the inaugural home we began to share in January 2007.  As we were deciding, which pots to put where, and just the right candles that would accent our particular shade of carpet, an urgent call came to us from a Greek bearing a gift.
  Panos Koronis, of Athens, by way of Film Studies at LACC, plead into the phone, "Help, you must help, my fianc√©, Elisabeth has a cat, who doesn't like mine!"
  Before I could ask how I could possibly change a feline mind on any matters of taste, Panos blurted one more thing, much more urgent than the first.  He gasped, "We leave in two days to move back to Greece, and Elizabeth won't live in the house with both cats, no matter that the house is by the Mediterranean.  It's either me, or Moneypenny.  Please, you must help me.  I raised her for ten years.  I couldn't see her die."
  This seemed dire indeed, so we set up a viewing party for the next night with the few small cadre among our friends we deemed cat adoption worthy.  Little did I know the kitty ardor my wife housed.
  When I arrived thirty minutes prior to the event, there was an entirely different hullabaloo taking place.  The neighbor's child, an overactive sort with a mean streak, had popped in, just as Panos had popped out, and found Moneypenny curled up cooing in what was to be his new Mama's  arms.  Being the mischievous sort, he promptly grabbed our broom, and began taunting Moneypenny with it.  Of course my wife's protestations fell on deaf ears, and Moneypenny shot to safety under the couch.  That situation hadn't improved until I stepped in the door.
  Largely because of the pesky presence of the brat from next door still looming, my wife's sweet pleas had only been able to coax Moneypenny to halfway from under the red sofa.  When I entered, Moneypenny shot from under there to directly by my side.
  Yup, we pretty much haven't left each other's sides at all since.  Neither through the film festivals I've attended with our film, or the world tour my wife sung on, the longest the either of us have been away from this mighty feline is two weeks, and even then it was with the other's blessing, and watchful eye still upon her.
  Oh, and as for that adoption party.  Yeah, that was cancelled, or, better said, turned into a spontaneous wine tasting!


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