Microchipping FAQs

When it comes to microchipping, there are plenty of questions that you as a pet owner may have. At Larchmont Animal Clinic, we have years of experience providing residents of Los Angeles, Wilshire, and Hancock Park with microchipping services. Microchipping has many benefits, and we recommend it for all pets for their safety and protection.


What Is a Microchip?

A microchip is a small electronic chip that is about the size of a grain of rice. It does not include a battery but is instead activated by a scanner that is guided over the area. The activates the chip through radio waves, transmitting an ID number that is associated with your contact information to the scanner. Microchips are also known as transponders.

How Are Microchips Implanted?

A hypodermic needle is used to inject a microchip under the skin of your pet. The process is no more painful than any other injection, and pets do not need to undergo anesthesia for the procedure to be performed. A microchipping procedure can be performed during a regular visit to our veterinarian. If your pet needs to undergo surgery for an issue unrelated to microchipping, the microchip can easily be inserted while your pet is still under anesthesia.

Is There a Tracking Device in the Microchip?

Only ID numbers are contained in microchips – they have no GPS functionality. All animal hospitals, shelters, and animal control services possess a transponder through the use of which they can identify your pet. Most microchips do not contain any medical information. However, some microchip registration databases allow you to store that info.

Is My Privacy Concern if I Choose To Microchip My Pet?

No, there is no need to worry about your privacy. The information you provide to the microchip registry is confidential. This information is only used to contact you if your pet is found and their microchip is scanned. In most cases, you can opt-in and out of communications from the microchip manufacturer as you please. The only information contained in the database is your name and contact information. Random people cannot scan microchips and access this information.

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