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Stop Fleas Before They “Spring” Into Action!

Stop Fleas Before They “Spring” Into Action!

Stop fleas before they “Spring” into action! Spring time brings more than beautiful flowers. We also see more fleas trying to “spring” onto our beloved family dogs and cats. Here are some things to consider, if you haven’t decided on starting and keeping your pet on year round flea control.

Myths about Fleas

1. A few fleas aren’t a problem. For every flea you see there are many more hiding around the house. If your pet is sensitive to flea bites, even one bite can make your pet uncomfortable. It’s not only the pet that is sensitive to fleas that needs to be treated. Every pet needs flea control to end the flea cycle.

2. You only need to use flea control when it is warm. In warm climates such as Los Angeles, fleas are active year round. If it gets a bit cold outside they are happy to move into your house! Year round flea control will break the flea cycle and keep away the fleas away.

3. I don’t see fleas on my pet. It’s great if you don’t see fleas, so it’s a good idea to protect before there is a problem. Want to check for fleas? Ask your veterinarian or you can check your pet with a fine tooth flea comb.

4. Flea control is complicated and expensive. There are flea control products that are easy and safe and can fit any budget. Please ask us! The doctors and staff at the Larchmont Animal Clinic can help you find the product that fits your life-style.