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Who Let the Dogs ‘n Cats Out?

Who Let the Dogs ‘n Cats Out?

By Jose Sanchez


Imagine, if you will, the fast approaching summer here today. You’ve worked hard, so now it is time to play hard. You’ve booked your flight, have your hotel set, and the family is packed and ready to go. Alas, you realize your furry friend is the only one not taken care of. You rush to find a sitter as you feel unprepared to take your pet on your tip. However, no one is available. What are you to do? Fear not, as Larchmont Animal Clinic is here to provide some helpful tips on traveling with your pets safely and without hassle so you don’t have to spend money on a sitter. 

Visit your Veterinarian

Wondering why a checkup is needed if your four-legged family member is perfectly healthy. Well, as the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry especially if you’re traveling. Here at our LA animal clinic, an exam is easy and pleasant. During the checkup it would be unequivocally to ask about various vaccinations or parasite controls that can prove to be very useful.

Another important question you will definitely want to ask about is your pet’s microchip. If your pet is not microchipped, then you should consider getting him or her one, as it is imperative to know about your best pal’s whereabouts.  If your pet already has one, then make sure that your contact information is up to date.

Also keeping a current picture of your frisky friend would prove to be useful in a worst case scenario. One of the last questions you will want to ask your veterinarian is getting your paper work in order. This would include your pet's rabies vaccination record and a health certificate if you are traveling out of state. It should be noted that you need to get a health certificate dated within 10 days of departure if your escapades take you outside of the United States. Nothing would be worst than preparing to take your pet halfway across the world only to find out you can’t take him or her into the country you’re visiting. 

Final Preparations 

Now that we've helped you with all the hard stuff, let’s get down to what you can do. Although it seems fairly obvious at this point, you should check if your destination is pet friendly. Remember not to assume right off the bat that every venue accepts pets. That would only be in a perfect world.

If you’re driving, it’s always good to check on your pet during your travels to see if he or she needs to relieve themselves. On that note, make sure to never leave your pets in an unattended car.  Lastly, don’t forget to bring your pet’s care package. That would include your pet’s food, dishes, water (plenty of it), toys, and most importantly, any medication. Now go off and enjoy that summer vacation that you worked for all year long.