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Summertime Safety For Your Pets

Summertime Safety For Your Pets

By Jose Sanchez


At last, summer is finally here: school’s out, the Daisy Dukes are on, tank tops are out in full force, and our pets are running amuck in between all of it. While summertime means more time spent outdoors and fun in the sun, it can also pose hidden dangers to your furry little friends. Here at Larchmont Animal Clinic, we're here to share a few tips on how to deal with the seasonal woes that can plague your pets. After all, you want everyone in your family to enjoy their summer.

Watch Out for Fireworks

One of the clearest indications that summer has finally arrived is America’s birthday. And, as you know, Independence Day means plenty of fireworks. But one thing that may not be so obvious: how much they can affect our pets. Intense fireworks and loud noises can be a traumatic event for our four-legged family members. Just like a violent thunderstorm, if your furry friend begins to show signs of panic, such as hiding in small spaces, barking or shriek fiercely, acting aggressively, pacing, drooling or trembling, then it is time to act.

If your pet begins to behave erratically, it’s best to provide a safe/hiding spot for them to use, such as a closet or a crate. If this isn’t an option, the best possible thing to do would be to distract them. Give them a positive activity to do whether it’s their favorite game or exercise. Remember, your pet is in a state of panic, so it is important to set a benign tone. If the problem persists despite your best efforts, our LA vet clinic is always here to help with even more tips and medications in extreme cases.

Keep Them Away Cool, Hydrated and Insect-Free

In a perfect world if fireworks were the only problem in the summer that would be amazing. However, I’m forgetting one important dilemma: the heat. Try to avoid excessive exercise and remember that water is always fundamental.

It is also a good reminder to always keep your pet well-protected because parasites and fleas will run rampant. Luckily, there are many preventive medicines out there to keep those creepy crawlies away. Contact our Los Angeles veterinary clinic about which product would serve your pet the best. Also, when walking your pet make sure the pavement is not too hot or else damage to your pet’s paws is inevitable.

Beware of Car Heat Stroke

The final note you should make and we as a clinic cannot stress this enough: we advise to never leave your pet alone in your vehicle. However, if you absolutely positively have to, watch the temperature in your car very closely. There are way too many cases still happening of people rescuing pets from heat exhaustion because they were left in hot vehicles. You are honestly better off leaving your pet at home because the inside of a car can reach a whopping 120 degrees. By taking these extra precautionary steps, you will be on your way to a fun-filled summer with your furry companion!