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Chip Off the Old Block: Microchipping in Hollywood CA

José Sánchez
Larchmont Animal Clinic


Normally, when I introduce the topic in question, I enjoy creating circumstances in which the reader (you) can envision. It allows you to not only understand the topic but really have that sense of empathy. However, with today’s subject I would rather not do that because it involves losing your pet. To imagine that is not only sad, it is something I wish on no one.

Many pets may slip out an open gate or will go missing simply because of loud noises in your area. In essence, this could be due to, but not limited to fireworks, thunderstorms, or even vicious honkers. Now when you lose your pet it’s natural to panic. Filing a lost pet report, looking through local shelters, and putting up flyers are all great ideas. However, to prevent all the worrisome and “what ifs”, microchipping your pet is the best solution. After all its better to avert a catastrophe then to deal with one.

Thinking of Microchipping Your Pet in Hollywood CA? What to Expect 

Here at the Larchmont Animal Clinic we offer microchipping pet care for your loved ones. One of the biggest concerns of microchipping is if it will hurt your pet. Fortunately, microchipping is no different from any other shots your pets get (it takes seconds). The chip itself is small, about the size of a grain of rice, it is injected into the scruff of your furry friend. Once the chip is implanted, our Hollywood CA veterinarian will use a scanner to read the unique identification number that was programmed into the chip. This special number is permanently registered to your pet online.

However, the microchip not only has this number but your pet’s description, health problems your pet may have, and your contact information. All your information can be changed online as well for any reason. Also, do not worry about any lasting effects of the microchip. It is smooth, nontoxic, and non-allergenic. There is virtually no risk with the microchip.

Is it Worthwhile?

Now you may be asking yourself why even bother will all this when I have a tag on my pet’s collar. Well, consider that a microchip is designed for the entirety of your loved one’s life. Whereas a collar and tags need to be updated, replaced, or become lost, the chip cannot be lost or destroyed.

If you need more reassurance, The Humane Society study shows that there is a 250% increase in reuniting microchipped dogs with their owners and a 20% increase in cats. Animal shelters have even made scanning for microchips a standard practice. So what are you waiting for? Young pets can be microchipped as early as 6 to 8 weeks of age. As I said before it’s better to thwart a potential catastrophe then to have to suffer through it. Look out for your loved ones because they are defiantly looking out for you.