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Fleas Are Springing Up!

Fleas Are Springing Up!

Spring is here! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the fleas are flourishing? Now I know what you may be thinking “Oh my dog or cat doesn’t have fleas my pet has short hair,” or “I’ve only seen two fleas on my pet and he or she mostly stays inside anyways.” Well, ladies and gentleman here at the Larchmont Animal Clinic we are here to tell you those are not the facts. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and fallacies that are considered to be true when talking about fleas. One of those misconceptions is you do not need year-round protection because infestation season is from April to November.

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Although fleas are prevalent during this time, our humid weather (which is quite the reoccurring factor) aids fleas in thriving year-round. Our goal is to keep you updated and correctly informed on all things fleas so you and your furry friends can remain flea free.

Information About Fleas

 Before we get into the common myths of fleas lets first understand what a flea is. At its core, a flea is a parasite, which by definition, is an organism that survives by deriving nutrients at the hosts' expense. In layman terms, a flea will suck blood from your furry friend (we all know how important blood is) and then leave its feces behind. Their feces are often referred to as “flea dirt” because of its peppery look. Keep a wary eye for flea dirt as many owners often confuse flea dirt as just regular dirt/soil. Our staff can aid you in spotting the differences and will most likely use a special flea comb to really get everything under the coat.

Some other fun facts about fleas that you might have missed along the way are female fleas begin laying eggs within 24 hours of mating, those eggs then hatch in as little as 2 to 3 weeks, and lastly the female flea’s produce 40 to 50 eggs a day, which is hundreds of fleas within days. So, as you can see we don’t mean to be nagging about this problem but flea infestation is serious and if left untreated can cause harm to your pet.  

Common Misconception About Fleas

Now as I said before there are many common misconceptions when it comes to fleas. One we already touched upon was infestation season only lasting a few months. When in reality parasites can endure some harsh conditions so keep them protected year-round. Another common mistake is once owners treat their pets and get rid of the fleas they think it is enough. It is not because fleas can always come back (these guys year-round remember? especially in sunny LA) and most products work best if used every month as directed. It is also often common to think because your pet has short hair they will not have fleas. As I said previously, flea dirt or just fleas themselves are hard to detect and our staff will have a better chance at finding them especially with a flea comb.

A very common misconception is that an indoor pet cannot get fleas or that you have to have a pet to have fleas in your home.  Although your pet may stay inside you can still bring fleas often attached to your clothes or boots. Even unexpected visitors like rats, raccoons, or squirrels that may get in your house and cause an infestation.

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There are many excellent choices in flea control and we can help you choose the perfect one that is easy to use and fits your pet’s needs.  Our doctors and staff will be happy to discuss flea control or other parasite control treatments.