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Share the Love: Introducing your pet to your baby

Share the Love: Introducing your pet to your baby

On this blog we’ve gone in depth about puppies. We all know these furry babies need special care and by the time they’re adults (which is pretty fast) they will be bonded with their family.

However, today were here to talk about introducing a human baby into this scenario. As you can see with the situation just described your pet has become in essence a son or daughter. He or she has literally grown with you and introducing a new family member maybe off putting. Fear not however, as we will go over tips that will ensure a more peaceful and loving transition with your newbown and pup.

 Believe me when I say the jealousy of your furry friend can be more than a reality. I have a first-hand account on this subject due to my Maltese poodle, Milhouse (yes from the Simpsons). He used to be jealous anytime my baby nephew Ayden came over to my house (which is not often). I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if my nephew was living in the same house as Milhouse.

However, with changes in his attention, lifestyle, and routine he has come to tolerate Ayden more than he had previously.

These small changes not only worked for me but can work for you when the time comes.

Although, it may seem obvious having your dog’s attention is not only vital for his or her safety, but everyone else around them as well. Really teaching your dogs to have basic manners such as sitting down, waiting still, dropping it, greeting people politely, and coming when called will prove essential especially when a toddler is around. If necessary, get some help from your local veterinarian.

Also, just like I did with my dog, start scheduling shorter cuddle and play sessions. This will give you more time to tend with your baby than fretting about scratching your dog’s belly.

As far as lifestyle goes, any type of action your dog does consistently may prove risky for your baby. For example, if your dog loves to jump in bed with you or on the couch start introducing these restrictions whilst giving the right amount of love.

Consider getting a dog bed as a way to make him or her feel more comfortable as well.

Other actions that maybe a part of your dog’s lifestyle that you may want to consider restricting are telling your dog not to jump on your lap, when to be vigilant (so he or she’s not barking every time someone passes and wakes the baby), and not to leave bones and toys in potentially dangerous areas for your baby.

The last tip we will go over are the slight changes in routine you should implement. This depends really on you and the times you take your dog out or feed them. If you’re used to taking out your dog in the morning you have to realize that with a newborn that’s going to be insanely arduous.

Learn to schedule better times for your dog so that you can still attend to your baby and not have to stress about your dog urinating on himself. Of course, you can’t anticipate your baby’s sleep behavior so you’ll have to work around them. It will all be worth it though once you see your dog become accustomed to your baby and not feel like he or her is not special.

Jose Sanchez
Larchmont Animal Clinic