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Take a Bite Out of This

Take a Bite Out of This

As we all know accessories are the best. They can add some flair to your outfit, help you with your daily tasks, or just be visually stimulating. For example, when thinking about watches one has to consider if this watch is going to be used for leisure or for working out (don’t want to carry all that sweat believe me).

This same type of thinking can be applied to your dog’s chew toys. Now I know what you may be thinking, why on earth would I have to care so much about a toy for my dog? Well the short answer is every dog is different and thus has different needs. In order to ensure that your dog’s chew toy is not only safe but practical to your dog’s needs, our veterinary team has some tips that you should consider when buying a toy.

The first factor you should consider when buying your dutiful dog, a new toy is the size. Now you may have just yelled a huge Duh! but many do not consider how dangerous a small toy can be. To maximize the safety and enjoyment for your dog, find the right size for your pet. You do not want these toys to become a choking hazard for your puppy.

Another factor to consider is your dog’s age. Puppies tend to chew a lot more than an older dog. Hence getting a durable chew toy would be appropriate for a puppy but perhaps prove to be too arduous for your older dog.

Since we’re on the subject of an adult dog compared to a puppy we will discuss how play styles can differ. Dogs can be a chewer, tugger, chaser, or even a snuggler. Again, in part these actions may depend on a dog’s age. So, when considering buying a new toy make sure their play style or characteristics match their toy. An additional factor to consider are interactive toys. These toys not only aid in good exercise for your pet but also ensure that your pet is not bored home alone.  We know how much mischief our dogs can get into when they make up things to do!  Some bored dogs can become anxious because they don’t understand time and that you will really return after walking out the door.

If you really want to promote exercise and make it fun for your dog you can find a tug toy or a dog ball for fetch. You can always use tennis balls but you will find specifically made balls have a way longer longevity than tennis balls. You should also invest in a boredom breaker which essentially is a toy stuffed with treats. Your dog will undoubtedly be entertained by the fact that his or her efforts will be rewarded with goodies.

Last but not least make sure your toy is safe enough to be played with when unsupervised. Make sure toys cannot lead to choking or swallowing hazards.  Any toy that is filled with stuffing or has a squeaker inside, have sewn on or attached parts, have long cords, or can be susceptible to ripping should not be left alone with your dog.  Always think ahead especially when leaving your beloved family member at home alone.

In conclusion, you want to take these steps so that your dog is not only happy but safe. The same care you put into picking the perfect watch should be the same when buying a toy. Especially if this toy can be the difference between life and death (as harsh as that sounds). Knowing is half the battle and with this knowledge we hope you keep your dog thoroughly entertained for years.

If you’re looking for some pet toys for your pooch in the Larchmont area, check out our pet supply store, The Barking Lot!

Jose Sanchez
Larchmont Animal Clinic