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Prevention to the Cruelty of Animals Month

Jose Sanchez


Larchmont Animal Clinic

Prevention to the Cruelty of Animals Month

You may have noticed that in the previous blog we talked about how April is associated with dog bite prevention. What you may not know is that April also brings awareness to the cruelty of animals worldwide. Although it’s a morbid topic, this is a discussion we should be having. To be stagnate when evil is being committed to those without a voice; only allows for these egregious acts to continue. So, what can you do? Well, we here at the Larchmont Animal Clinic want to help you join in the fight by showing what you can do in order for there to be peace for animals everywhere.

Anmal Cruelty

As the old unfortunate saying goes just because it is illegal does not mean it is not happening. Dog fighting is a felony in all fifty states yet it continues to occur even in our own communities. Dog fights can happen in a wide variety of locations but the synopsis is the same for each horrid place. They are forced into complete isolation and spend most of their lives in chains. Not to mention that they are also conditioned for fighting by being injected with anabolic steroids (you know steroids do to humans imagine what that does for an innocent dog). Dogs although not typically killed during the fight, will still suffer lacerations, blood loss, and broken bones. It is then that some will tragically succumb to their injuries and die. The worst part is (as if this could not get any worse) that the “losers” will often be killed by these horrible people as they are no longer of value. If you see any type of abuse or what may seem like a probable dog fight always contact your local authorities. What you want to look out for are dogs with multiple scars, possibly ripped ears or lips, and dogs on heavy chains. Remember that you could be the deciding factor that liberates these poor dogs. You can also raise awareness through social media and push forth the notion that dog fighting is barbaric and should finally stop in 2018. Although we’ve touched on this topic before (see Adopt don’t shop) it would be a crime in itself not to mention the equally horrid occurrence of puppy mills. To refresh your memory (I wish I didn’t have to remind you either) puppy mills are basically breeding farms ultimately used for profit. Most of these dogs only serve to produce puppies which are later sold. Once these dogs cannot provide offspring they are killed. Not to mention that the only life they know is one with no affection, filthy desolate cages, and inadequate medical care. The easiest way to stop this is to adopt. These shadowy organizations like to paint themselves in a nice light since all you ever see are cute puppies. However, we know the truth and can put a stop to the selling of puppies from these mills.  

It's often hard to think that you can do so much on such a little scale. Yet in history, there have been plenty of times were a collective mind was able to overthrow injustices. If we just continue to bring awareness to these issues and call our local legislators then something will be done. You cannot ignore the will of the people, and the will of the people is to stop cruelty to animals everywhere.