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Deaf Dog Awareness

Deaf Dog Awareness Week

 It is generally common knowledge to know that the eyesight of dogs is not as developed as humans. However, their sense of smell is far more sophisticated than we could ever hope our nose could be. Now, it could surprise you to know that some dogs are unfortunately born deaf but that in no way hinders their potential to bring joy into one’s life. In order to highlight this potential, Deaf Dog Awareness Week was created, and is celebrated on the last week of September. We here at the Larchmont Animal Clinic in Los Angeles, CA want to help in spreading the message of deaf dogs and will go over if a deaf dog is right for you.

How Do Dogs Become Deaf?

Surprisingly it can happen in the same way it could happen to humans (truly man’s best friend). Deafness can be acquired through congenital means which basically is inheriting it from birth. It can also be obtained through old age, drug reactions, or trauma. Just like humans again, there are two forms of deafness which are bilaterally and unilaterally. It’s often hard to detect if a dog is unilaterally death since they usually respond the same. Another interesting but unfortunate note to highlight is that deafness is common amongst white pigmented animals. This is sadly due to two genes that are typically found in white animals that are known as the merle gene and the piebald gene. The merle gene can be seen in the collie, Shetland sheepdog, or great Danes. The piebald genes can be found in bull terriers, greyhounds, or dalmatians. However, remember that is will not happen to all dogs. Some are just a little more prone to it.

Protect Your Pet

Now let’s get into the heart of the matter.  Are deaf dogs less capable than regular dogs? The short answer is no. Deaf dogs can bark, whine, and jump just like any hearing counterpart. They can be trained and taught hand signals. The only thing you have to ensure as an owner of a deaf dog is to keep track of his or her whereabouts. Since they can’t hear any dangers approaching them you have to keep a leash on them. Normally dogs can hear a car or another wild animal approaching obviously they can’t do that if there hearing is impaired. Letting them roam free isn’t really a possibility unless you build a fence or have secured an enclosure. Other then that their unconditional love and joy will not be not be impaired.

Common Symptoms

 To conclude let’s get into the sad possible situation of your dog losing his or her hearing. Remember that it can happen but that it is just apart of life. This won’t stop his or her love for you. This just means you have to be a little more vigilant and have a designated playing area. Common symptoms to look out for are your dog being unresponsive to its name, everyday sounds, or anything loud. Always remember that being disabled does not define the person or animal.  

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