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Larchmont Animal Clinic Family

Veterinary Technicians and Assistants:

Our veterinary technicians and assistants have completed courses in Laser Therapy, Digital Radiology, Dental Cleaning and Laboratory Diagnostics.  Our doctors, technicians, and receptionist fulfill mandatory continuing education courses throughout the year.

Erick has been working with us since 2013.  He started as a kennel worker and is now a veterinary assistant.  He loves being around animals and has rescued and fostered many tiny kittens.  In his spare time, Erick enjoys playing basketball and football.

Josh joined Larchmont Animal Clinic in 1996.  He began as a part time kennel cleaner and quickly took over the head grooming position.  He earned his veterinary assistant certification through the CVMA in 2012.  He also earned his laser therapy certification through AMLA in 2014.  While Josh is a skilled assistant, his true passion is grooming.  He enjoys the transformation of grooming and seeing happy animals looking their best.  In his spare time, Josh enjoys riding his bike and going on hikes with his wife.


Francia grew up loving animals and always wanted to work in the veterinary field.  She began volunteering at a practice in the valley 20 years ago and has been working in veterinary medicine ever since.  Her areas of interest are emergency medicine and exotics, namely birds.  She started at Larchmont Animal Clinic in 2007.  Francia has two pets; a 23 year old cockatoo grey named Frankie and a cat named Butterscotch.  Butterscotch and Frankie get along wonderfully and sleep together at night!  After work she enjoys pet sitting and helping clients care for their pets at home.


Jonathan began working with animals in 2010.  He has a dog named Lyla and a cat named Harley that love to play together.  He's been around animals since a young child and quickly grew a passion for them. In his spare time, he loves to go hiking with Lyla and spending time with his family. His goal is to become a registered veterinary technician. 

Office Manager and Receptionists:


Elaine has been with us the longest starting here immediately after finishing her RVT degree at Pierce Collage in 1977.  She is both the office manager and the fill-in tech if needed!  Elaine has always had a love of animals, rescuing several dogs and cats over the years. Currently she and her husband have a cat named Josie, a dog named Tucker and a lizard.  Aside from raising two children, Elaine enjoys doing yoga, hiking and bike rides at the beach.

Madeline Lambert

Madeline Lambert, first of her name, mother of files, and queen of the coffee machine, is one of the receptionists here at Larchmont Animal Clinic. She lives in Hollywood with her demon cat, Annabel, and in her spare time knits adorable bows and experiments with multi-colored eyebrows.